Media Guide

TrailWest Bank’s Marketing Team has created the TrailWest Bank Acceptable Logo Media Guide to help individuals or groups that we sponsor familiarize themselves with TrailWest Bank’s branding and correctly utilize our logo. We hope you will find this to be a useful tool.

Use of Brand Name

When using our name in written text, please use the entire name “TrailWest Bank”. For simplicity, the name can be shortened to “TrailWest or TWB” in subsequent use in the same piece. Also, the proper format is “TrailWest” – the W is capitalized and there is no space between the l and W.

**Please note there is no s before the W, we are frequently incorrectly referred to as “TrailsWest Bank”.


To download the TrailWest Bank logo in a variety of formats click the link below. Please Note: Each file has the appropriate buffer zone built into it, please do not alter the background size in anyway.