Business Lending

At TrailWest Bank, we take pride in helping businesses reach thier goals with customizable, creative lending solutions. Our team has real-world experience in industries like real estate, business operation, agriculture, construction, and more. We understand the challenges of operating a business and use this knowledge to help our customers realize their goals.

Whether you need help starting or purchasing a business, investing in a piece of property, acquiring equipment to improve operations, or increase your cash flow, our Commercial Lenders will be happy to assist you.

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Business Loans

Whether you are starting, growing, acquiring, or preparing to sell a business, our lenders will work to create a custom loan package that fits your exact needs.

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  • Equipment Loans are used to purchase or refinance equipment.
  • Bridge Loans are short-term extensions of credit used until a permanent loan can replace the bridge loan.
  • Inventory Financing uses new or existing inventory as collateral to make cash available for business use.
  • Accounts Receivable Loans use a business’s accounts receivable (AR) as collateral to finance business operations while the receivables are collected.
  • Working Capital Loans are used when a business needs a temporary or permanent injection into the business.
  • Lines of Credit are short-term extensions of revolving credit.
  • Construction Loans are short-term revolving loans used to build or improve a commercial building.
  • Overdraft Protection is a loan which automatically advances a set amount of funds each time your checking or savings account becomes overdrawn.
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Commercial Real Estate Loans

A Commercial Real Estate Loan uses equity in real property to extend credit for business purposes.

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  • Investment Property Loans finance real property owned for an income-producing purpose.
  • Multifamily Housing Loans are extensions of credit to finance commercial property with five or more dwellings.
  • Acquisition Financing can be used to purchase or invest in a business.
  • Renovation or Improvement Loans are used to make improvements on an owned property.
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Agriculture Loans

TrailWest Bank has experts ready to help your farm or ranch grow.

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Farm or Ranch Property Loans use farm or ranch property as collateral.

Agricultural Equipment Loans are a great way to obtain a new piece of machinery without depleting your operating cash.

Agricultural Livestock Loans are used to purchase livestock or to take cash out using existing livestock as collateral.

Agricultural Lines of Credit are a short-term loan which can be advanced and paid back multiple times throughout the term.

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Medical Professional Loans

Our lenders are well-versed in medical practice financing. We have the experience to customize loan packages for new businesses, expansions, or personal investments. We take pride in tailoring loan packages to each specific situation!

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  • Medical Professional Lines of Credit are short-term extensions of revolving credit.
  • Partnership Financing is for the purchase of or investment in a practice.
  • Real Estate Loans can range from single-family residences to large-scale commercial complexes.
  • Equipment Loans are great for upgrading tools or purchasing new equipment for a practice.
  • Debt Consolidation can be used to combine business and investment debts into a more manageable payment.

Let us help you build your practice!

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Additional Types of Commercial Loans

  • Small Business Administration Loans
  • United States Department of Agriculture Loans
  • Economic Development Facilitated Loans