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At TrailWest Bank, we take pride in helping you achieve your business goals with customizable, creative commercial lending. Whether you need help starting or purchasing a business, investing in a piece of property, acquiring equipment to improve operations, or increasing cash flow, our knowledgeable Commercial Loan Officers will be happy to assist you. Our team of Commercial Loan Officers has real-world experience in industries like real estate, business operation, construction, and more. We understand the challenges of operating a business and use this knowledge to help our commercial customers realize their companies’ goals. 

Commercial Real Estate Loans (CRE)

A Commercial Real Estate Loan uses equity in real property to extend credit for business purposes. TrailWest Bank finances all types of properties. Our lenders write CRE loans to best suit the borrower’s needs with fixed rates, variable rates, or a combination of both. CRE loans normally have terms of 20 years or less.

  • Investment Property Loans finance real property owned for an income-producing purpose. If you are purchasing a rental, an office building, or bare land, an investment property loan might be the product for you.
  • Multifamily Housing Loans are extensions of credit to finance commercial property with five or more dwellings.
  • Term Loans are any loan with an exact term, usually between 10 and 20 years. Term loans feature either fixed or variable rates.
  • Acquisition Financing can be used to purchase or invest in a business.
  • Renovation or Improvement Loans are used to make improvements on an owned property. 

Business Loans

TrailWest Bank can assist with all types of business loans. Whether you are starting, growing, acquiring, or preparing to sell a business, our lenders will work to create a custom loan package that fits your exact needs.

  • Equipment Loans are used to purchase or refinance equipment. The length of an equipment loan usually matches the useful life of the equipment.
  • Bridge Loans are short-term extensions of credit used for a specific purpose such as making improvements to a property or injecting short-term cash into a project until a permanent loan can replace the bridge loan.
  • Inventory Financing uses new or existing inventory as collateral to make cash available for business use.
  • Accounts Receivable Loans use a business’s accounts receivable (AR) as collateral to finance business operations while the receivables are collected.
  • Working Capital Loans are used when a business needs a temporary or permanent injection into the business. 

Business Lines of Credit

No matter how well you run your business, you might encounter times when you need a little extra cash. A Business Line of Credit is a great way to make sure you have the money you need, when you need it.

  • Lines of Credit are short-term extensions of revolving credit. These loans are usually written for 12 month terms and the balance can be advanced and paid back multiple times throughout the term. You pay interest only on the principal amount of outstanding credit. The principal amount is due at maturity and is expected to revolve throughout the term of the loan.
  • Construction Loans are short-term loans used to build or improve a commercial building. Construction loans are multiple advance lines of credit which do not revolve. You only pay interest on the principal amount of outstanding credit.
  • Inventory Financing uses your existing inventory as collateral for a line of credit.
  • Accounts Receivable Loans use your existing accounts receivable as collateral for a line of credit.
  • Commercial Letter of Credit is a note that can be called upon by a third party if a borrower does not perform on their obligation to that party. A fee assesses annually on an active letter of credit.
  • Overdraft Protection is a loan which automatically advances a set amount of funds each time your checking or savings account becomes overdrawn. 

Agriculture Loans

Farm or Ranch Property Loans

These loans use farm or ranch property as collateral and usually have a term of up to 20 years. Farm or ranch property loans can have a fixed or variable interest rate.

  • Farm or Ranch Acquisition Financing includes loans used to purchase a farm or ranch.
  • Capital Improvement Loans improve an existing farm or ranch.

Agricultural Equipment Loans

The term of an equipment loan is matched to the useful life of the financed equipment. The term usually extends no longer than seven years. Equipment loans are a great way to obtain a new piece of machinery without depleting your operating cash.

Agriculture Livestock Loans

Livestock Loans are used to purchase livestock or to take cash out using existing livestock as collateral.

Agricultural Lines of Credit

A line of credit is a short-term loan, usually 12 months, which can be advanced and paid back multiple times throughout the term. The borrower only pays interest on the principal amount of outstanding credit. The outstanding principal is due at the maturity of the loan and interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, or at maturity. Agricultural lines of credit can use livestock, crops, equipment, property, or other assets as collateral. 

Additional Types of Commercial Loans

  • Small Business Administration Loans
  • United States Department of Agriculture Loans
  • Economic Development Facilitated Loans

If a common financing product, such as those listed above, does not best serve your cash flow needs, then we encourage you to meet with one of our innovative Commercial Lenders. At TrailWest Bank, we pride ourselves on the ability to create customized financing packages for your specific business model. Click here or call your local branch for more details.