Home Mortgage Lending

Whether you are in the market for your first home, a vacation property, retirement home, or just looking to leverage the equity you have in your current property, our knowledgeable Mortgage Lenders can help you find the right mortgage loan.

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Construction Loan

If you have been shopping around, but have not found the perfect home, why not build your dream house?

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A construction loan covers the cost of home construction or home improvement. We disburse funds either as needed or as each stage of a project is completed. These loans are usually secured by real estate and have terms between three and 18 months, depending on the project’s length. At the end of the construction term, the loan is typically refinanced as a long-term takeout loan.

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In-House Mortgage Loans

If you prefer your loan and loan servicing to remain at TrailWest Bank, we also originate and service long-term home loans.

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These loans feature fast turnaround times due to more flexible in-house underwriting standards. In-house mortgage loans are typically competitive with Secondary Market rates. Customers often prefer our in-house loans to Secondary Market loans due to their comparable flexibility and simplicity.

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Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC)

A line of credit extended to homeowners who use their homes as collateral.

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The bank determines the amount of unencumbered equity the home has and lends out a percentage of that equity. The homeowner may draw and repay the line of credit as needed.

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Second Mortgage Loans

Like a traditional home mortgage, a second mortgage uses the remaining unencumbered equity in real property to extend funds.