LIVE! (Local Interactive Video Experts) logo

LIVE! (Local Interactive Video Experts) is technology that looks like an ATM but offers so much more! LIVE! combines the speed and convenience of an ATM with the personal touch of working with a TrailWest team member. Simply touch the screen during LIVE! business hours, and you will be connected to a local TrailWest representative who can help you with just about any transaction. From transfers, payments, deposits, and withdrawals, to advanced video chat technology and extended hours, LIVE! accommodates the needs of our busy customers, making life a little easier!

Chat with a LIVE! Representative to:

  • Make Deposits
  • Cash Checks down to the penny (Yes, you can even get change!)
  • Transfer funds
  • Make Loan payments
  • Make withdrawals and receive $50s, $20s, $5s, or $1s
  • Inquire about your account balance or recent transactions
  • And more…

Or, use the LIVE! kiosk just like a regular ATM to make a withdrawal, but you can also make cash and check deposits, transfer funds between accounts, and check your account balances.

Experience LIVE! at one of these convenient locations:

Missoula Airway Branch, Drive-Thru Location

Frenchtown Branch, Drive-Thru Location

Hamilton Main Branch, Walk-up Location

Hamilton Super 1 Branch, 2 Walk-up Locations

Hamilton South Auto Bank, Drive-Thru Location

Stevensville Super 1 Branch, 2 Walk-up Locations

Corvallis Branch, Drive-Thru Location

Kalispell-Evergreen, Drive-Thru Location

LIVE! Is Available:*
7am – 7pm, Mon. – Fri.
9am – 5pm, Sat.
11am – 3pm, Sun.
*Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Hours vary on Holidays.

Deposit Taking ATM Available:
24 hours a day, 7 days a week