CDs & IRAs

Certificate of Deposits

Also known as time deposits, certificates of deposit are available with a variety of maturity terms to suit your financial needs. Rates for the most common maturities are posted in the lobbies of our branches and may be obtained by contacting a Customer Service Representative. We offer competitive market rates. CDs are a strong, safe, investments.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

We offer four different types of IRAs: Traditional, Roth, Education (CESA), and SEP. Minimum opening deposit for CESA is $10 and for Roth, Traditional and SEP is $500. Each is a variable rate account that earns a competitive rate of interest. Interest is accrued daily and paid annually.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) & Montana Medical Savings Accounts

Used in conjunction with high-deductible insurance plans, HSAs allow customers to save money for medical expenses free of taxes. Similarly, Montana Medical Savings accounts allow customers to save for certain medical expenses with a reduced Montana State tax burden. We offer these types of accounts for customers whose health insurance plans allow them to open an HSA or MT Medical Savings account to use for medical expenses. These accounts are   self-administered, meaning the bank does not tract expenses or deposits on the customer’s behalf.