Regular Savings
This account is TrailWest Banks basic savings account and requires a $200 minimum balance to avoid a service charge. When balances fall below $200, there is a quarterly service charge.  You are allowed 12 withdrawals per quarter. A $0.50 per withdrawal will be levied when you’ve made more than 12 withdrawals for the quarter from this savings account.

Young Bankers
For TrailWest Bank customers who have children (under 20 years of age) who maintain average balances over $200 and have children less than 18 years of age are eligible for our Young Bankers Savings Account. This savings account is an education service used to promote responsible financial management and develop good savings habits. There are no monthly service charges and no minimum balance required .

Money Market Plus
This is the best savings account alternative to certificates of deposit if you need your money liquid. A minimum balance of $2,500 is required for this account. This account pays competitive rates on a 5 tier basis – $0 to $10,000; $10,000 to $25,000; $25,000 to $50,000; $50,000 to $100,000; and $100,000 and over. There is no limit on the number of transactions for this account. Please call any of our offices for current rates.