Video Transcripts

Careers Video

(Music is the only audio, with text on the screen.)

Welcome to a new career path that leads to new heights.
(Aerial footage of a mountain trail and TrailWest Bank Logo)

And new or familiar places.
(Woman fly fishing on the Bitterroot River, aerial view of downtown Missoula and Kalispell)

To blaze NEW trails.
(Woman using the TrailWest Bank app on her phone)

And meet NEW friends.
(TrailWest team member helping a customer)

Where people value HONESTY & LOYALTY.
(TrailWest officers meeting with customers at a ranch and retail store)

(TrailWest team members helping a customers in the bank)

To our TEAM.
(TrailWest team members)


(TrailWest team members volunteering in their communities)

It’s in our DNA. Is it in yours?
(TrailWest team members)

Apply Today!
(TrailWest bank building and logo)

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LIVE! Video

Jingle with music and vocals.

“Saving time with technology, It’s what we do.”
(Animation of LIVE! drive-thru and walk-up ITM machines that transition to them being used during the day and night)

“LIVE! is the way to go to, Cash a check or two, Someone’s there for you to go”
(Animation and text: Cash checks to the penny, withdrawals, loan payments, transfer funds)

“LIVE! just a touch away, With TrailWest Bank, you’ve gotta go LIVE!”
(Animation of a hand touching the screen that transitions to a live person on screen and then the TrailWest Bank logo)

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Our History Video

Music and Narration

Alan Bradley, then Chairman: “In 1982 the Bradley family, Pruyn family, and Holt family got together to start a bank in Lolo, Montana. We did everything. One loan officer could handle maybe two or three million dollars in loans, and a loan officer now will handle 30 to 40 million. We started when, when banking was young.”
(Aerial footage of the Bitterroot River, Alan Bradley on camera, aerial footage of Lolo)

Narrator: “Bitterroot Valley Bank opened it’s doors with a vision for the future.”
(newspaper clipping)

Ramona Holt, Investor: “We were a family. Everybody pitched in, the investors, and helped with the bank.”
(Bill and Ramona Holt on camera)

Narrator: “Over the years the bank opened additional branches under the Family of Banks umbrella. In 2012, Bitterroot Valley Bank merged with Ravalli County Bank.”
(Pan of the different bank signs)

Chuck Shonkwiler, then President of Ravalli County Branches: “The Ravalli County Bank was founded in 1895 by Marcus Daly, one of the great Copper Kings in Montana history. Our family purchased the bank in late 1966 and we moved to the Bitterroot Valley in 1967.”
(Newspaper clipping, footage of the Marcus Daly mansion, and Chuck Shonkwiler on camera)

Rich Zins, then President/CEO: “The merger between Bitterroot Valley Bank and Ravalli County Bank was almost effortless. We had so many things in common and we were friends. It was a natural fit. The Shonkwiler family and the Bradley family had been close for a long time.”
(Rich Zins on camera, and TrailWest team members)

Narrator: “A few years later, the WestOne banks in Kalispell joined the Family of Banks, and service extended up to the Flathead. The merger has strengthened all of the banks. Experienced loan officers, larger lending limits, and easier to find branches across Western Montana are just a few of the benefits. In 2015, the Family of Banks decided to unify under one name. TrailWest Bank.”
(WestOne bank sign, aerial footage of Kalispell, TrailWest team members, aerial footage of Missoula, cows in pasture near the Mission Mountains, and the TrailWest Bank logo)

Chris Edwards, then Vice President/Commercial Loan Officer: “We decided to move from seven brands into one brand, because it makes it easier for customers to find us.”
(Chris Edwards on camera)

Al Bradley, then Executive Vice President/CFO: “Customers should expect to walk into TrailWest Bank locations, find a bank that feels very much like part of their community.”
(Al Bradley on camera, TrailWest officer shaking hands with a rancher)

Bill Holt, Investor: “The longhorn logo, to me, represents the most independent animal that was ever on the West. It started from Texas, and they survived through the tough times. And that’s what the bank did.”
(Footage of longhorns and Bill Holt on camera)

Narrator: “TrailWest Bank. Let’s blaze new trails together.”
(TrailWest Bank logo)

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